Broadband: What You Can Do to Make Your Wi-Fi More Secure From Malicious Attacks

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While the internet has become a necessity, it is also dangerous to use if you and your data is not secure. One of the best ways to connect with the internet is to connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can connect multiple devices and get seamless connectivity and speed. But one thing that many of us are not aware of is the Wi-Fi security and broadband security. It is a very important thing and without a secure connection, you can face multiple malicious attacks. Such attacks have already harmed quite a few individuals and companies. So here are a few steps you can take to make your Wi-Fi connection more secure.

Steps to Make Your Wi-Fi and Broadband More Secure

  • Use Lates Encryption To have the latest encryption is a necessity. Various broadband service providers use encryption such as Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) but it isn’t exactly the best way to keep your Wi-Fi connection secure. If you want your Wi-Fi connection and broadband to be truly secure, then get the latest encryption for your networks such as – WPA 2 and WPA 3. WPA 3 is still something which is not available everywhere, but WPA 2 should be there at least.
  • Strong Password This might sound silly, but people can guess your passwords. There are quite a few common letters which people use in their passwords and that is why it becomes very easy for the hackers to crack them. So make a password which contains all uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers to make it very strong. Along with that, if you can, note your password somewhere so you can use it if you forget it.
  • Update Firmware – The Wi-Fi manufacturers keep on rolling out updates for the latest firmware. So ensure that you keep checking at regular intervals of 3 to 6 months so that you have the latest version of the firmware. Doing this makes a big difference.
  • Get Better Hardware – One thing in the technology world which is easily prone to be attacked is old hardware. There are developments in the market really fast and that is why you must have the latest hardware with you. If not latest, then at least have a router which was launched recently. In case you have a router which is more like 4 to 5 years old then your network is prone to be hacked or attacked very easily.
  • Physical Security – Another thing that you should keep in your mind is to keep your router in a place which is secure. Keep it out of reach from people who can take it and use it for malicious purposes. Sometimes hackers may just reset your router and then all your security settings will be lost so all your efforts will go in vain. Thus you should ensure that you are keeping your router safe.

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