BSNL Expands Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Plans Start at Rs 9

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BSNL Expands Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, Plans Start at Rs 9

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Telangana Circle on Monday launched Wi-Fi Hotspot service at a gated community in Hyderabad. The operator started its Wi-Fi services in 2015 by launching a Wi-Fi Hotspot service in Varanasi and has since commissioned around 49,517 Hotspots across India. BSNL in the Telangana circle has commissioned over 1388 Hotspots including 382 Hotspots at over 170 Hotspot locations in Hyderabad. The operator highlights that each Hotspots offer speeds of 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps. Additionally, BSNL offers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi to all users at most Wi-Fi Hotspot locations across India. Further, BSNL and Paytm in October announced a partnership that enables users to seamlessly connect to BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspot through Paytm app. Under the BSNL and Paytm partnership, the Paytm app would alert users about the availability of BSNL Wi-Fi, enabling users to instantly connect to the Hotspot.

BSNL Expands Public Hotspot in Hyderabad

The operator on Monday launched its Wi-Fi Hotspot service at Green Grace gated community in Hyderabad. The Green Grace community is spread across 5.38 acres and consists of 420 apartments.

C. Ramachandran, general manager at BSNL launched the Wi-Fi Hotspot services at the Green Grace gated community. Nagella Trinath, deputy manager marketing at BSNL tweeted about the development on Tuesday.

BSNL offers five vouchers that can be purchased by the users beyond the complimentary access with the vouchers providing validity in the range of one day to 30 days. The operator has priced the five vouchers at Rs 9, Rs 19, Rs 39, Rs 59 and Rs 69.

The base voucher priced at Rs 9 is dubbed by the operator as BSNL Wi-Fi 9 and offers 1GB of data with a one day validity.

The BSNL Wi-Fi 19 and BSNL Wi-Fi 39 offer 3GB and 7GB of data respectively. The BSNL Wi-Fi 19 priced at Rs 19 is valid for three days while the BSNL Wi-Fi 39 voucher priced at Rs 39 is valid for seven days.

BSNL Wi-Fi 69 Offers 30GB of Data

Additionally, BSNL also offers BSNL Wi-Fi 59 and BSNL Wi-Fi 69 vouchers with 15GB and 30GB of data respectively. The BSNL Wi-Fi 59 voucher priced at Rs 59 has a validity of 15 days while the BSNL Wi-Fi 69 voucher priced at Rs 69 has a validity of 30 days.

It also has to be noted that the BSNL users can pay for the vouchers through the Paytm app and check for data consumption and data validity on the Paytm dashboard.

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